Make your stay even more enjoyable,
relax in our new Wellness area

Opened in April 2022, the Wellness area is an intimate place suitable for up to 6 people that complements the feeling of well-being you can experience with a stay with us. Combine a pleasant warm bath with the quiet of the countryside and rediscover the meaning of harmony between body and mind.

The wellness area offers a cozy mini-pool equipped with whirlpool and chromo-therapy, Finnish Sauna, Turkish Bath, Emotional Shower, rustic shower and a pleasant relax area with herbal tea corner.

The spa is accessible by reservation with 90-minute turns
all days from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2.30 pm to 7.30 pm (last entry at 6pm) – max 6 people)

You will be provided with a Wellness Kit with slippers and bathrobe.

The wellness area is made available for use by a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 6 people.
Access to the wellness area is restricted to people over 16 years old

Cà San Ponzio


Finnish Sauna

A proper sauna cycle involves at least two sessions with a stay of between 8 and 15 minutes.
The dry heat in which you allow yourself to be enveloped, followed by the cold spray of the shower, is a health cure that allows you to activate the body’s natural immune defenses, thus eliminating impurities and toxins.
The intense heat, a real stimulus for the body, promotes the process of getting rid of excess fat and fluid accumulation.

Step 1 – After showering, dry well and then enter the sauna. Lie down in relaxation for 8-12 minutes: the last 2 minutes, it is recommended to sit down and pour water on the stones for an even more intense effect.

Step 2 – After leaving the sauna, a cold shower or a breath of fresh air is recommended. After a relax session or possibly a massage, you are ready for another sauna session.

Step 3 – Start a new sauna session or continue the course. It is always advisable to drink plenty of water and regain hydration with tea and infusions.


Rustic Shower

This “domestic” elaboration, when placed side by side with the typical Finnish sauna will be able to provide intense emotions, where it won’t be necessary to dive into the ice water but it will be the ice water that will embrace us on our heated skin immediately after the sauna.
The benefit will be sudden and intense, instantly awakening your senses. In a few moments your whole body will be crossed by a new energy and you will feel more toned and happy.

Instructions for the correct route

Step 1 – Exit the sauna and go under the rustic shower, concentrate for a few moments, grab the chain, close your eyes and focus on the sounds around you.

Step 2 – Smell the air and the scents, find a form of inner and outer balance, and as soon as you are ready, without hesitation pull the chain. A cascade of icy water will run over you from head to toe.

Step 3– Open your eyes, take deep breaths, and repeat this process as desired. Or continue on your route.


Emotional Shower

Water is a magical fluid that offers us emotions for our senses: sight, smell, touch, and hearing, going far beyond just the traditional shower.

An alternation of cold mist with mint essence and blue light to a warm tropical shower with exotic fruit essence and orange light with first gentle and then vigorous massage gives relaxation and positive energy to both our body and mind.


Turkish Bath

In the Turkish bath, you immerse yourself in a pleasant and enveloping environment, where the temperature is about 40-45°C and the humidity is close to 100%.
By stimulating sweating, it promotes the elimination of toxins and excess fluids and clears the airways.

Instructions for the correct route

Step 1 – After showering, wrap yourself in a towel or robe and begin the first session in the steam room for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 2 – Cool off with a cold shower to enhance the toning effect between treatments, then start again with a new 15- to 20-minute session.

Step 3 – After the session, dry off and lie down in complete relaxation for about 30 minutes, not forgetting to drink plenty of water or herbal tea to regain hydration.


Whirlpool bath

The whirlpool made with warm water works as a vasodilator, allowing the blood to transport oxygen, minerals and vitamins more easily throughout the body, thus improving tissue oxygenation.

  • Wellness program rates - 1h30'

    • 50€ per couple (starting rate) – 25€ per person
    • EXCLUSIVE USE: €150.00 (90-minute session – max 6 people)
    • Last entry at 6:00 pm.

  • Wellness program times

    • Lun/Dom – from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm; from 2:00 pm to 7:30 pm(last entry at 6pm)
    • The spa will be available by reservation (at least 3 hours in advance)

Rules and suggestions for good use of the Wellness Area


Access to the SPA is subject to acceptance of and compliance with these regulations and is permitted only when accompanied by the designated staff. Attendance at the SPA is granted at the sole discretion of the management; therefore, the guest may at any time, without notice and compensation, be expelled for violations of the regulations.
The SPA is a wellness area: everyone is asked to respect the privacy of others and their serenity by keeping a low tone of voice and appropriate behavior at all times.
Inside it is prohibited to use cell phones, PCs, cameras, recorders and audio/video equipment. Smoking and bringing in drinks, food, bags and containers is also prohibited.
Showering with soap is obligatory before entering the wellness path.


  • Sanitation will be made after each use
  • Reservation is required
  • Carry a towel to cover the bench rests in dry saunas
  • Enter the area wearing a bathing suit, bathrobe and slippers


Please note that the wellness area is NOT accessible to children under 16 years of age


All SPA users are asked to inform the SPA staff of any health-related issues (allergies or other medical problems) to avoid inappropriate use of the equipment in the SPA.

  • Sport/emotional state: it is recommended to practice sporting activity before using the SPA but it is still a good practice to bring the body back to normal balanced situation before exposing yourself to the heat. In fact, it is advisable to allow yourself a few moments of relaxation before the start of the course (15 to 20 minutes); this rule also applies in case of tiring or particularly stressful work.Nutrition: it is preferable not to embark on a wellness journey after eating a lot or on an empty stomach. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least an hour to pass since the last meal eaten and, if you have an appetite, to have a light snack. Absolutely not recommended to drink alcohol or caffeine- and theine-based stimulant drinks.
  • Menstrual cycle and pregnancy: During the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, it is forbidden to use the wellness area. Steam bath and sauna are contraindicated for individuals with cardiovascular disease.
    The Wellness Pathway may be contraindicated for individuals who have recently undergone surgery and who have certain special pathologies (e.g., allergies to flowers and/or plants and to compounds in cosmetic products, dermatitis or dermatosis, recent bone trauma, acute inflammatory processes, severe phlebopathy, heart failure with edema in the lower extremities, central nervous system pathologies with spastic evolution, severe necrosis, febrile processes, tumors).
  • Inside the SPA:
    – It is not recommended to wear contact lenses.
    – The use of cell phones or electronic equipment is prohibited
    – It is obligatory to wear a bathing suit, bathrobe and the use of flip-flops


Herbal teas and drinks with special single-use glasses are available in the relaxation area (food, drinks , glasses and glass bottles are prohibited in the SPA).


  • Guests must enter the wellness area wearing a bathrobe, bathing suit and slippers, and in no case will they be allowed to enter dressed or in shoes. Before entering to the wellness path, it is mandatory to use the shower with soap to wash the body properly.
  • PRICES – Prices are in euros and include VAT. They may be changed.
  • INTERRUPTION OF SERVICES AND CLOSURE – The management is not responsible for the interruption of SPA services , even total, due to natural events (lightning, earthquake, rain, hail etc.), to causes of force majeure (interruption of public utilities, power failure, heating) or other, however, to causes beyond the control of the management itself.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – The use of all SPA equipment remains at the risk of the users, who explicitly relieve the manager of any resulting responsibility.